The Best Medicine For All Ailments

The drunks were fighting throughout the night– with Max Danger sleeping over. Luckily, he slept through the violence. My biggest concern was that I foolishly left my wallet and MacBook in the living area. The probability of the laptop becoming a weapon was very high, considering another computer and a phone were smashed during the conflict. I was tempted to put clothes on and break up the noise, but instead I just laid in bed hoping one of them would go too far and kill the other.

I’ve listened to over seventy Jim Cornette podcasts in the past eight or so days. He’s my latest confidant in loneliness. The current trials started with an extreme Lena Dunham phase, partly because Kristen and I watched two seasons of Girls during our last week together. It was surprising that I was able to watch it, as most forms of entertainment (even the ones that belonged all to me) usually need to be mentally “taken back” after being shared with the enemy.

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