TWFS 194 | The PayPalaThon (4/4)

The Whole Fucking Show – Episode 194 – The PayPalaThon (4/4)(mp3)

Kevin Scampoli and Ryan Van Vleet get together for episode 194 of The Whole Fucking Show to attempt the first ever PayPalaThon!

Here is a post from Kevin’s personal Facebook:

‘Yesterday was an incredibly uplifting milestone.

The “PayPalaThon” concept was to continue entertaining the NBC Family for as long as they would pay for it. The ongoing rate was $15 per hour per host (a total of $30 an hour).

My goal was 7-8 hours. We concluded after a high energy 16 hours. To put into perspective how well this event went: the 14th hour was the best hour.

Jeromy Taylor, an artist surviving in Florida, promised the highest pledge an 8×10 painting. Jeff Hamilton easily won that prize after his long overdue Hall of Fame induction. Max Pearson live-tweeted the event from beginning to end on the @fuckingshow Twitter account. Ryan Van Vleet hosted a glorious ten hours, and Nathan Bell closed out the final six with me.

There is something to be said about beginning a venture like The Whole F’n Show using _only_ people who live in other states and countries. Over the years, I’ve met people with comedic timing that would dwarf a Ricky Gervais. When we perform together – it is just that, a performance. We don’t sit around cracking cans with our buddies while constantly saying the words “show”, “episode”, and “notes” – we simply do an episode of the show with our notes.

As proven by the 16 hours of funding provided by the ever-growing crew – TWFS is something special, and not just to me.’

The Whole Fucking Show – Episode 194 – The PayPalaThon (4/4)(mp3)


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