TWFS 185 | Dude Rag.

The Whole Fucking Show – Episode 185 – Dude Rag.(mp3)


Kevin Scampoli and Ryan Van Vleet get together for episode 185 of The Whole Fucking Show!

Live rundown written by Curls.



#46 Vlad

#1 Max

#15 Curls

#99 Owen

#42 Nico


Cool Guy Vlad, yet again, made his way across the airways of Sirius XM. Kevin is so proud to have taken the unlikable Vlad, and made him into the great Cool Guy Vlad. We hear a recap of all the great moments of Cool Guy Vlad’s appearances on various discussions. Kevin loves that the vocabulary that TWFS has created is confusing the supposed great hosts on Sirius XM. Vlad called into Covino & Rich to talk about having his cool setup in his bathroom. The hosts become extremely annoyed with Vlad, immediately pointing out his annoying voice. The hosts theorize that his call was an inside joke for another radio show, and they got Scampolied. Kevin feels that many radio hosts can’t make good comebacks to guys like Cool Guy Vlad, and TWFS would have handle it perfectly.


Kevin and Vleeties listen to a part of the discussion, and find themselves cringing at their chemistry and voices. Kevin finds himself cringing sometimes at Scampoli Energy, but knows that it is way better then Covino & Rich Energy. We then hear a new discussion on Sirius XM, the Winklevoss Twins. We hear no energy from them, as they are nervous, shaky, and sound sad. It depresses Kevin to know that radio isn’t looking for radio hosts; They’re looking for celebrities.


Curls is on. He is here to talk about how he didn’t follow the step by step directions Kevin gave to him when it came to cutting audio. Curls didn’t even want to talk to the crew today, saying he wasn’t in the mood to get shit on. He defends that he cares about TWFS, and thinks the cabinet is forcing him out. Kevin takes Curls through the directions again, where he Curls admits he gave up on the directions.


We talk about Elliot Rodgers, and Kevin was annoyed by Curls opinion on the shooter. Curls feels that all mass shooters are mentally ill. Curls defended this point that not any regular person would do these kind of things, and you have to be somewhat mentally ill. Kevin thinks there are many people who do these things that are just regular everyday people.


Kevin enjoyed Curls last appearance on WHAR. Curls tells again about how he got high for the first time last week. Kevin admits to smelling the shit on his toilet paper, and Curls does as well. Kevin starts milking the bong with Kristen again.


We hear audio from an old episode of the Slam of the Week, where Danny uses the definiton of a Timline on twitter to defend himself in a argument with Joe Papi. Kevin is annoyed by this due to the fact that danny argued this defense in his fight with him. He even shits on Papi for calling Mario a dickrider. Kevin explains that Danny shouldn’t be getting mad at Papi, when he does the exact same thing a few months later.


Time for some Payback Picks!


Big E vs Rusev

Kevin’s Pick– Rusev. Kevin has loved Rusev since the Royal Rumble, and knows this is an easy pick.


Owen’s Pick– Rusev. Owen agrees that Rusev is better than Big E. He also agrees that this is an easy pick, but doesn’t like Rusev.


Paige vs Alicia Fox- Divas Title Match

Kevin’s Pick– Paige. Easy Pick


Owen’s Pick– Paige. Even though this an easy pick for him, he’s been disappointed with her run in WWE so far.

Sheamus vs Cesaro- US Title

Didnt pick (Kevin was too high)


John Cena vs Bray Wyatt- Last Man Standing Match

Kevin’s Pick– Bray Wyatt. No reason.


Owen’s Pick– John Cena. He’ll ducktape Bray


Rob Van Dam vs Bad News Barrett- Intercontinental Championship Match


Kevin’s Pick– Bad News Barrett. Easy Pick


Owen’s Pick– Bad News Barrett. Easy Pick


Shield vs Evolution- No Holds Barred Elimination Match


Kevin’s Pick– Shield. Easy Pick


Owen’s Pick–  Shield, with Reigns being the sole survivor


That’s a wrap on another great episode of TWFS!


The Whole Fucking Show – Episode 185 – Dude Rag.(mp3)


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