TWFS 184 | Black Rapper.

TWFS 184

The Whole Fucking Show – Episode 184 – Black Rapper.(mp3)
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Kevin Scampoli and Ryan Van Vleet get together for episode 184 of The Whole Fucking Show!

Live rundown written by Curls.

Curls’ Favorite Quote of the Episode: “We do what we always do before we have sex, we throw on legends house.”Kevin


#42 Vladimir Ivanov

#15 Curls

#46 Schizo

#10 Stepho

#69 Jeromy Taylor


Cool Guy Vlad is back. Vlad found more discussions to mess with this week. We revisit the Black Eagle from last week, where Maddison tells Vlad to stay on your side of the border and stop acting like a fake hip hopper. Vlad called Wake Up With Taylor this week and they LOVED Cool Guy Vlad. Kevin also called them. Kevin called in to talk about Max’s catchphrase ALLLLLLright. The hosts were loving this, cackling at “Matt’s” catchphrase.

Vleeties thinks the only reason they are laughing is because they feel like they need to for the callers sake. Vleeties likes Taylor, but thinks the other host is just there laughing for no reason. Vlad was nervous to call in, but thinks his call went very well. Cool Guy Vlad hates all the big words people use, and wanted to point out they sound disingenuous when they are saying them. Kevin knows Vlad is terrible on the spot, but agrees that being Cool Guy Vlad covers his lack of being able to improv. Kevin thinks Vlad was blushing due to Taylor laughing, but Vlad claims he was just nervous.

Kevin thinks that this show is him and Vleeties from an alternate universe. Kevin knows this isn’t good quality radio, but thinks he likes it because they remind him from his time on WHAR. Kevin is starting to turn on the show as he keeps hearing the annoying laugh from Taylor. They then get a caller who absolutely LOVED Vlad & Kevin’s odd call in. The caller describes Vlad as a black rapper from Canada. Kevin thinks he is going soft, as he feels bad lying to the screener. Vleeties thinks the show is more of a feminine show, and doesn’t think he would like this kind of a discussion.

Kevin jet sprayed his asshole this week. He did this in preparation for some sex with his girlfriend. Kevin started feeling Kristen up, and said he wanted her in his ass. However, Kristen just wanted to have sex. After they had sex, Kevin was laughing at the weird sex talk they were having beforehand. Vleeties reveals his girlfriend isn’t a squirter, but definitely thinks he is.

Kevin still thinks he is naturally a sexist, and made a log this week about it. The first sexist comment he made was last Saturday. Kevin was talking with Owen about how he is almost a dad, and was nodding with him when Owen was talking about dreading having a baby. When Kristen asked why he was nodding, he replied, “well you women want babies”. His second quote was him saying that his penis is the star, and the puss is the co-star. Also, when he was watching a movie, and saw a woman trying to tell a man not to do something, he said under his breath, “you women.” The last one was when him and Kristen were taking hits off the new bong, and he claimed that men are able to inhale more smoke then women. Kevin is still confused as to why he has to keep reminding Kristen that she is a women.

Vleeties thinks Kevin is more of a jock then he is. Kevin starts taking hits off the new bong. The bong came with a puzzle, which Kristen ended up doing. Kevin took the hit, milking it for as long as he could. Vleeties revealed that his dream job is something with either business or TWFS. Schizo revealed that his dream job is to do something in politics. Kevin fears, however, that his association with TWFS could hurt his political career. Curls, Vlad, and Max reveal their dream jobs are working as TWFS producers. Max also revealed that he would like to do something involving music. Max then proclaims that he will have a track done in two weeks.

Jay Tay reveals his dream job is to be a treasure hunter, finding gold along the beaches of florida. Brandon calls, revealing his dream is to get a better voice. Brandon then sings happy birthday to Kevin, in a very odd, creepy voice. Kevin compared his voice to a character on South Park. Kevin’s dream job is to host the Today Show. Kevin respects Matt Lauer, and wants to host the sh0w just like he did. Kevin is surprised that nobody knows about his respect for Matt Lauer, and thinks we should all take notes from the best host on #NBC. Max then gives his rendition of the news, trying to emulate the great Matt Lauer. Max then gave a very depressing happy birthday song to Kevin.

Cool Guy Vlad called another discussion this week. Vlad tried to talk about his definition of moral code, and the host just hung up saying Vlad bored him. Kevin thinks the host knows who he is, and didn’t want to go one on one with the hero of the people. However, the host’s nightmare came true. Kevin then calls in, saying how much he loved Cool Guy Vlad. Kevin then said his idea of moral code  is always being NBC, and to never be as shitty as this guys show. The host didn’t know what to say, so he pretended to not know Kevin was done talking, and just said go ahead. Kevin then started plugging, and bringing up cabinet members Max and Curls. Vleeties hates that the host has no energy, and didn’t even bother to come back with some witty remark to Kevin’s insult. The hosts wait for Kevin to hang up to start trashing him

They claimed that Kevin was Cool Guy Vlad, and they didn’t find Kevin funny. Vleeties points out that the point of the prank call is to make the prankster laugh, not the people being pranked. We then hear 3 “comedians” try to dissect Kevin’s call as a shitty attempt at pranking them. Kevin can’t imagine anything worse happening to radio then comedians taking it over. He believes they just simply see it as a promotional way of keeping them in the spotlight.

Vleeties believes that podcasting is the greatest form of entertainment, due to it being so easy to access, and the great production quality involved in it. Kevin doesn’t think going to comedy clubs is a good way to be entertained, and thinks there are too many hack comedians that are all the same. Vleeties thinks that even though wrestler’s podcasts are just as bad as comedian’s podcasts, at least wrestler’s podcasts have something built in that he knows he will have some interest in. Vleeties feels very passionately about podcasting, and thinks what separates TWFS from a comedian’s podcast is that him and Kevin are focused on making podcasting their career, and they don’t have any shitty comedy tour to promote.

Kevin asks Curls how the rundown is going, and he says that it is shorter and thinks it’s better this way. Kevin is annoyed by this, due to the fact that he never told Curls to shorten it. Kevin wanted Vlad to playback a clip of what Curls said, but Vlad revealed that he isn’t recording the discussion. This makes Kevin even more annoyed. Vlad revealed that he as a mixer, and it isn’t plugged in to anything.

Thats a wrap on another great episode of TWFS!

The Whole Fucking Show – Episode 184 – Black Rapper.(mp3)
Click here to watch this episode in HD on All Axxess!

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