TWFS 183 | The Black Eagle.

The Whole Fucking Show – Episode 183 – The Black Eagle.(mp3)


Kevin Scampoli and Ryan Van Vleet get together for episode 183 of The Whole Fucking Show!

Live rundown written by Curls.

Curls’ Favorite Quote of the Episode: “Sex is like eating a grape fruit with both hands.”Vleeties


# 99 Owen Lawler

#42 Vladimir Ivanov

#15 Curls

#46 Schizo

#10 Stepho


Cool guy Vlad is back. Vlad called Urban View this week, being as cool as ever to the people of Urban View. Vlad admitted while on hold with Urban View that he was extremely nervous, worrying if the prank would go well. Vleeties admits that black people can be extremely political, and is still saying that his girlfriend isn’t black. Vlad started the call very awkwardly, with a long silence. Vlad was still nervous for the call to go well, and wanted the Urban View host to respond. Vlad asks Urban View’s host Maddison why he isn’t in the chat, with the other host being angry with Vlad disrespecting the show. The host was so upset they went to break. Kevin thinks this is the perfect prank, due to the host stopping the whole discussion because of Vlad’s call. Vleeties thinks the best part of the call was the host making the call about how bad Canada is. Kevin decides that Urban View’s host Maddison should be on TWFS, becoming a father figure for Vlad. We learn about Maddison through his Facebook page. Vleeties doesn’t like Maddison’s weird bi0, saying anyone could write great things about themselves. Kevin thinks Maddison is the anti cool guy Vlad. Vleeties is surprised that Vlad got to talk to Maddison, due to him being very famous in the radio world. Maddison mispronounces Vlad, calling him Vilad. Vlad says he was screaming TWFS and Kevin Scampoli, but he was muted. Maddison compares Vlad to a fake hip hop rapper. Kevin compares hearing Vlad’s call in as watching a horror movie, covering his eyes and ears, but peeking to see how bad it can get.


Somebody knocked on Kevin’s door this week. Kevin heard the door knock, and instinctively hid. Kevin started cleaning the desk for no reason, and then stood there, scared of who could be behind the door. Kevin grabbed Karma, and locked her the bathroom. Kevin was peeking through the windows and peephole, and nobody was there. But Kevin knew somebody was there, because Karma was looking through the blinds barking at something. Kevin locked up the house, and then went upstairs. Kevin went on a step stool looking through his bathroom window. When he sees a group of people look to the house, he ducks, cowering in fear. Vleeties is so confused, wondering why is Kevin scared of the outside world, saying its like he’s in a prison but doesn’t want to leave.  Kevin thinks he is this scared due to living a lot of his life online, with no face to face interaction. After 20 minutes, Kevin looks through the curtain, seeing a brochure for a maid service. Kevin is confused by Vleeties acceptance of the outside world. Vleeties instinct to a door knock is just to answer, and is confused as to why Kevin’s instinct is to hide.


Kevin was putting Estelle to bed this week. He sees Karma about to pee on the carpet, and then proceeded to kick her in the face. Kevin is surprised as to why he was so ok with doing it. He compares the kick to the face to Orton’s punt. Kevin hears that Vleeties loves grape fruit. Kevin proclaims grape fruit is the best fruit. Kevin never cuts the grape fruit, scraping the skin off with his teeth, despite his teeth problems


Kevin asks why Vleeties has sex with his girlfriend. Vleeties says it’s because he loves his girlfriend, and compares sex to eating a grape fruit. Kevin is confused as to why society feels the need to have sex with whoever we love. Vleeties says it’s a different kind of love. He loves Monday Night Raw, but wouldn’t fuck it. Kevin loves Kristen, but is confused as to why he is forced to have sex with her to express his love for her. Vleeties says that he masturbates, but doesn’t love his hand, and thinks that the best part of love is due to the physical connection.


Kevin doesn’t think he is sexist, but he still thinks there are gender roles, and doesn’t think that should be considered a bad thing. Vleeties is annoyed by being told he doesn’t understand something because he is a man, and thinks we all equally go through our own problems. Kevin thinks exploiting females is fine, but is annoyed by the tough guys, and having pride in hairy backs. Vlad thinks that gender roles can be both positive and negative. Kevin thinks that even though these gender roles are exaggerated, they are true to some degree. Kristen is in studio! Kristen says that Kevin says sexist things all day, but doesn’t take it seriously because he is just kidding. Owen calls in! He admits that he fulfills these gender roles, and also admits to being a tough guy squeezing his girlfriends breasts. Kevin doesn’t think it is from a bad place, and doesn’t think that gender roles are that bad.


Kevin’s been talking to Jake & Jim this week. Kevin realized that a lot of their tension was just a huge misunderstanding. Kevin thinks it is somewhat his fault, due to him going to Danny & Kristen about the situation, and never talking to Jim & Jake. Vleeties doesn’t understand the odd tension between Jim & Kevin, and thinks they can easily get over this. MBF was sucking up to Jim & Them, and Jim is now starting to notice they are just kissing ass, and being passive aggressive towards TWFS. Vleeties heard The Dan Cave on Jim & Them, admitting it was very bad, and is somewhat surprised to hear that Jim was making fun of Danny. Kevin goes through all the arguments he has had with Jim & Them, realizing all of the fights were just misunderstandings. ilikecomedy was a big deal to Kevin, and he was very disappointed to see it fall apart, and thinks thats why he holds resentment towards them.


Kevin has an inner struggle daily. Should he get Thai food? Kevin thinks that a Thai BLT is the best BLT he has ever had. Vleeties is confused as to why Kevin goes to a Thai place to get a BLT. Kevin thinks actual Thai food is bad, and only gets american food for his Thai place. Vleeties’ brother once got a pepperoni pizza from a Mexican restaurant, and feels that when you go to these foreign restaurants, you need to get foreign food. Schizo calls in! He admits that when he eats bad food he exercises it off before eating it. Stepho calls in! He says he gets wings from Pizza Hut. Vleeties is happy to hear Stepho calling in, and cant wait to hear Stepho host Best Saturday again. Kevin explains that whenever he eats, he has to be watching something. Curls explains that when he eats, he has to organize the food from biggest to smallest. Kevin’s birthday is next saturday, which will truly be the BEST Best Saturday.

That’s a wrap on another great episode of TWFS!

Stick around after the end of TWFS 183 to hear Best Saturday – the weekly TWFS recap discussion hosted by TWFS General Manager Max Murder and Owen Lawler.

The Whole Fucking Show – Episode 183 – The Black Eagle.(mp3)


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