TWFS 182 | Kevin Them.

The Whole Fucking Show – Episode 182 – Kevin Them.(mp3)

Kevin Scampoli and Ryan Van Vleet get together for episode 182 of The Whole Fucking Show!

Live rundown written by Curls.

#42 Vladimir Ivanov

Jim from Jim and Them

Jake from Jim and Them

#1 Max Murder

#15 Curls4dagirls

#99 Owen Lawler

#46 Schizo

Quote of the episode“I had to buy a new hard drive just for Curls’ and Vlad’s dicks.”

The discussion begins. We hear Kevin with his classic Scampoli Energy, and Vleeties’ infamous gymtimidating personality. Bobby Heenan and Lex Luger aren’t haunting Vleeties’ basement, so he’s good to go.

TWFS is in trouble. Trouble caused by Vlad. We hear audio from Jim & Them. In this audio, we hear Jeff Murphy sitting back, not caring, because that’s what cool rappers do.  We hear Jake Sprauge addressing the haters of Jim & Them, telling them to fuck off, and don’t bother listening. This is the aftermath of Vlad making fun of Jeff Murphy due to his girlfriend breaking up with him. We find out that Kevin was the one who told Vlad to do this. Kevin knew that Jeff wouldn’t bring this up on Jim & Them, and wanted to embarrass Jeff in front of the goons. Kevin was told this week that Vlad informed Jeff that Kevin told him to call in, which Vlad denies doing. Vlad gives a very flawed explanation as to why Kevin thinks this. Jim Scampoli calls in! Jim tells Kevin that he heard the discussion last week, and wanted to let Kevin know that he loves Kevin and is proud of him. Jim is a little upset that Kevin tried to disrupt the show with Vlad. Kevin says that he simply wanted Jeff to address the breakup. Jim thinks Vlad purposely tried to throw the discussion off  course, and it really annoyed him. We learn that Nathan called into Jim & them and just plugged WHAR and hung up. Kevin isn’t surprised that Jim is the only one from Jim & Them to call into TWFS. Jim is still annoyed that Kevin is still taking shots at Jeff on TWFS and on the new White Sex mixtape. Jim thinks Kevin and Jeff simply just misunderstand each other, and could get along easily. Kevin has no idea why Jim likes Jeff, and thinks he’s a shitty person and a bad friend. Vleeties remembers hearing Jeff shooting on Kevin, and seeing the twitter fight between Kevin and Jim, and doesn’t know how to feel about the situation. Jim isn’t surprised that Kevin is this hostile, and that annoys Kevin. Kevin feels that the Jim & Them always try to make Kevin out as the enemy. Jim recalls Kevin taking shots at Jim & Them, not only at Jeff. Kevin is annoyed that Jim is so attached to Jeff, and still doesn’t know why Jim is friends with him. We learn that Jeff was going to be Estelle’s godfather. Kevin doesn’t know how to feel about Jake. He doesn’t hate him as much as Jeff, but still feels resentment towards him. Jim just thinks Jeff and Kevin should reconcile, but Kevin doesn’t think that’s possible. Back to the audio. The Jim & Them crew is annoyed by Vlad, with Jim thinking that this is Vlad trying to earn his stripes. Vlad attempts to hang up, but Jim wants Vlad to stay on saying, “This isn’t over.” Vlad agrees that he was trying to be a dick, but only to Jeff. Kevin sees Vlad as a little brother, gymtimidating him into doing whatever he wants. Jim doesn’t notice Jeff not caring about the discussion, and defended him saying he participates in a lot of real talk. The Jim & Them crew go into Vlad’s breakup, making him uncomfortable. Jim was infuriated with Vlad’s cool guy cadence, which Vlad says he just puts on. Kevin thinks Vlad did well when he kept talking over the Jim & them crew. Vleeties agrees that Vlad was only going after Jeff, and not the Jim & Them crew. Jim asks Vleeties how he would feel if Curls called in and did what Vlad did to Jim & Them. Vleeties can see why Jim is annoyed with Vlad’s call in. Jim still doesn’t like Vlad’s call in, but isn’t as mad knowing the context of it. Vlad is still trying to hang up, but Jake still wants Vlad to stay on. Kevin feels that this is where Vlad won, due to Jake coming off as a fake tough guy. The crew asks how Vlad got kicked off of WHAR, with Vlad saying he doesn’t know how it happened. Nathan then calls in, saying Vlad sucks, and just plugged WHAR and hung up. Kevin sees this as Nathan panicking and not wanting to be attacked by the Jim & Them crew. Jim then takes a shot at TWFS, saying that TWFS stole the idea of the silent game from ONA. We then hear Jake go into a rant, with Jake saying that Vlad’s call in was just a plug for WHAR. Jake sums up Vlad’s time with TWFS, insinuating that Vlad doesn’t matter to TWFS or the goons. Kevin is still unsure about Jim saying he loves him. Vleeties feels that this beef doesn’t affect the relationship between Jim and Kevin. Jake then takes a shot at TWFS, calling it a little club, and saying that the TWFS Lockerroom is made up of a lot of Jim & Them listeners. Kevin responds saying that it is the opposite, in that the lockerroom makes up a lot of the goons. Jim thinks that Kevin tries to push people away from Jim & Them, which Kevin denies. Kevin loves Jim & Them, and praises them for a lot of the legendary bits and segments they have done. Kevin was in the Jim & Them chat, saying that the crew was defeated and down, however he now somewhat regrets saying that. Jim feels that they were talking about something really important and that Vlad somewhat ruined it. Jim doesn’t understand the hatred between the lockerroom and the goons, which Kevin then responds with the failed ilikecomedy community. Jim thinks that all that Nathan is good at is being shocking, and isn’t actually funny. Kevin is annoyed by the stereotypes that are created by the goons about what TWFS is. Jim says he sent #ilikecomedy audio to Kevin, and Kevin never cut it. Kevin claims he never got those clips, and would have been glad to have cut them. Kevin feels that Jake secretly hates TWFS and takes small shots at TWFS constantly on Jim & Them. Jim defends his screw, saying they would have been apart of #ilikecomedy, and were active in it. Kevin brings up a sit down he got from Jake, which Jim still feels that it wasn’t a sit down. Jim says it’s in the past and wants to get over it. Kevin wants this addressed and is annoyed that every time he brings it up, he is put down, and never gets a legitimate answer. Jim remembers Kevin calling Jake a phony, and knows that Kevin still takes shots at jake, which Kevin doesn’t deny. Kevin was playing a MBF game during Jim & Them, and Jeff misunderstood Kevin shitting on MBF as him shitting on Jim & Them. We then hear the audio back in full. Jim reveals that Jake never liked Vlad, even when Vlad visited them in Las Vegas. Vleeties loves Jim & Them, and doesn’t have any beef with Jim & Them. Jake Sprague then calls in! Jake explains his comments about TWFS being a little club, saying that he was referring to the people from the lockerroom that hate on Jim & Them. Jake remembers being very active in #ilikecomedy, and thinks #ilikecomedy not launching was because Kevin didn’t release anything from Jim & Them. Jake admits he hates Vlad, and shares a story about an awkward conversation he had with Vlad when he was in Las Vegas. Jake says he has nothing against Kevin, which surprises Kevin. Vleeties wonders why there is so much tension between Kevin and Jake, and doesn’t think it can be resolved. Jake feels that there is a weird divide that was created by the TWFS Lockerroom. Jake thinks Kevin has always disliked him for years, which Kevin somewhat agrees with. Jake feels that Kevin is his J Jonah Jameson, and feels that whenever Jake is nice to Kevin, Kevin isn’t nice back to him. Kevin feels that Jake always walks over Kevin, and doesn’t even realize it. Kevin wants to meet in the middle with Jake, however thinks that he will always have some kind of resentment for Jake. Jim wants to reiterate that he loves the TWFS crew, and still doesn’t know how to feel about Vlad. Jim shares a story about how on a saturday, Kevin was screaming for no reason, and says he would rather be sleeping then dying and slammed the door. Kevin shares the story he told last week about Kevin throwing a water grenade and jim mocking him. Jim remembers going to a Burger King, and when Kevin and Jim got into an argument, Jim slapped the whopper out of Kevin’s hand. Jim says he loves and misses Kevin. Kevin says a lot of things he did in his life was because Jim did it. The cabinet shared stories about their family in honor of Jim’s love for Kevin. Kevin feels that even though he loves brother, they don’t have many serious conversations. Kevin respects Vlad for calling in to Jim & Them, and says he liked Vlad when he was in Las Vegas. We get an update from Curls about Deshawn Maxwell. Curls states that he finally deleted Danny Richardson on Facebook.

We have audio from our favorite rainbow head, Max Murder! We hear Max say he has no sexual orientation. Max defends himself, saying he meant to say he is straight.  Kevin still thinks max murder is #1 in his heart, and still loves him. Kevin reveals he created the Murder Triad to get Max’s attention.


Max Murder now has his own cabinet, made up of the Max Murder Triad. Max accepts the responsibility of this sub cabinet, and wants them to live the Max Murder life for him.

Kevin noticed this week that Vlad has a sore on his dick, which makes it look a lot like Kevin’s dick. Vlad says it may be a scar from his dick getting cut, but really doesn’t know where that sore is from. Kevin wants Vlad to admit he eats his penis scars, which Kevin does.

Kevin was cleaning out his closet this week, and found a letter written by his dad, Jim Scampoli Sr. From what Kevin reads, he thinks his dad is talking about the crazy life Kevin’s mom is living in a very drunk state. Even though Kevin gave up on his mom, he will still be very sad once she dies. Whenever Kevin’s mom is drunk or high, she looks like Bobby Heenan. We then hear audio from a local news report on when Kevin’s mom was hit by a car. We then hear a very drunk list of all the drunk shenanigans Kevin’s mom has pulled over the years. is coming. This will be the premiere website for the relaunch of TWFS.

We hear yet another audition from Rampage Maddison. Rampage roasts all the possible hosts of the slam, making it clear that he thinks he deserves to host the Slam of the Week. Kevin still wants Frosty on the Slam just to see if he fails. Owen thinks Rampage at least deserves some kind of a weekly segment of the Slam.

That ends another great episode of TWFS!

Stick around after the end of TWFS 182 to hear Best Saturday – the weekly TWFS recap discussion hosted by TWFS General Manager Max Murder and Owen Lawler.

The Whole Fucking Show – Episode 182 – Kevin Them.(mp3)
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