Inspirational TWFS Essay

Written by Pete Poison.

Senior Captain #15, curls4dagirls, has decided to use The Whole F’n Show as the inspiration for a paper he wrote for school. Find the results below.

Essay by Brian O’Shea.

I was born on June 4th, 1996, and grew up with my two older twin brother and sister. I’m the baby of the family, and my mom always go out of her way to remind me very often, even to this day. Even from the day I was born, I was different from my brother and sister. They both are red heads and I’m a blonde. My siblings even use to joke that I was adopted from Will Ferrell, and for a bit, I believed it. Making me even more different, they knew a while before college what they wanted to do when they grew up. I had no idea. All I knew was that I couldn’t work in an office typing in numbers all day from my cubicle. I started listening to a discussion in 2011, and I saw there were fifty listeners listening, and it baffled me. It was so good, and there were only 50 listeners listening live. I didn’t get it. The host was so energetic and good at what he did and nobody knew. It really upset me. So I kept coming back every Saturday to support it, wanting it would grow. Through doing this, I developed a friendship with the host, and I realized how much he wanted it to grow. His dream was to create a large, interactive, supportive community of listeners, and he wanted to create that community by separating himself from other poorly done shows by perfecting everything about his discussion. I never met anyone so passionate to make something grow like him. It really inspired me. As long as I stayed, I noticed it grew every episode. And as it grew, I made more friendships with the listeners. We would always hang around after the discussions, talking about how good the discussion was, and talked about wanting it to grow even more, and it did. Every episode, it would gain a few more listeners. After 3 months, we had 80 listeners listening live, which was the most the discussion ever got. We considered this a huge accomplishment at the time. The host then started creating websites for the discussions, and started to let other listeners broadcast their own discussions. They ended up creating a whole channel of discussions, titled “ilikecomedy”. Even these branch off discussions were incredible. I even got the opportunity to be on one of these. I was extremely nervous. I had never co hosted any radio show before. But after the show was over, I felt so good about. I had so much fun, and it helped me understand how to control a discussion. It started to become more then a discussion. The host even started his own t shirt company, referring to jokes made to the discussion, which I now own 3 of. The discussion gained a cult following, with listeners coming from all walks of life. During a conversation with a listener, I told him about not knowing what I wanted to do when I grew up. He started telling me that he was majoring in communications looking to go into radio, inspired by the discussion we helped build. I then realized radio would be the perfect job for me. I always thought that the best job for me would be something where I didn’t work in an office, and entertained people. So in that instance radio would be perfect for me. Before this realization, I had no interest in looking at colleges. College was always something I dreaded. Not anymore. I became very interested in looking into many universities, which I never saw happening. I then came across Eastern Illinois University, which holds a very deep communications program. They also hold a minor in film, and I’ve always loved movies and tv dramas. I visited this school in the summer of 2013, and absolutely loved it. It became my dream school. For the longest time I didn’t have a dream school. But the discussion helped me realize that the best dream is something you create and are passionate about, and strive to be the best in. My dream is to make it in radio, and be my own boss one day, and I feel being passionate about my dream will drive me to be successful in life, and make my family proud of me.


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