The Max Murder Life.

— Entry taken from Kevin Scampoli’s blog.

Living the Max Murder Life is living every hashtag, yet living none of them.

It is a common bit to mock ‘living The Max Murder Life’ by blurting it out during lazy tasks (“… sitting on the couch, living that Max Murder Life!”) or negative life events (“Looks like I’ll be living that Max Murder Life…”). I have begun thinking of this type of reference to the Max Murder Life as a celebration of The Max Murder Life, an ode to what it stands for. It inserts hope, and a chance to smile, during times that you most need it.

You don’t have to live The Max Murder Life in sweatpants. It’s just more comfortable.

The Max Murder Life is an idea, an attitude, a state of mind. You could live The Max Murder Life while AT your job, though I suspect this would make you unemployable.

The Max Murder Life represents freedom. If you don’t want to eat produce, you certainly won’t have to. This is Living The Max Murder Life (LTMML) at its very core. You take that small freedom, and you apply it to every aspect of your life, and you live it. There isn’t a job in the world that wants you doing that.

In order to apply these small freedoms to the rest of your life, you must first take them. You must be comfortable with those small freedoms, or else you won’t be ready to graduate to total freedom.

Freedom is an overwhelmingly large state of mind. You can drown in it. While we respect The Max Murder Life, and that is why we mock it, it takes a truly strong human being to reach that plateau and stay up there.


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