Is Debo Leaving The TWFS Locker Room?

Written by Mama Centipede.

      During #twfs141 (All Hail TMW!), Locker Room Leader #99, Big Debo, (Also host of Debo Life Coach on #ilikecomedy) called in to discuss the Zimmerman trial. An intense argument ensued, with Kevin siding with the defense’s argument and Debo adamant that Zimmerman was racially profiling Trayvon Martin and that riots would ensue if there was an acquittal. The call ended with Debo hanging up exasperated with Kevin’s racially-charged jokes, with a second call occurring later in which Kevin and Debo made up and agreed to refrain from discussing the case with each other further. See video of the interaction below:

      Later this week after the verdict (Zimmerman was found not guilty), Kevin posted the segment on youtube and was surprised by the majority of comments agreeing with his side of the argument. A few commenters were unnecessarily harsh with Debo, some turning to racist insults and insulting his intelligence. Coping with his disappointment in the verdict and offended by the various jokes and comments regarding his call-in, Debo posted the following status updates/tweets:

    To Kevin’s confusion, Debo subsequently unfriended and unfollowed him. After receiving third-party information detailing Debo’s plans to start his own podcast network and that he was “not coming back”, Kevin unpublished DLC from iTunes and blocked him on Facebook and Twitter. A few tweets illustrating Debo’s reaction:

      Locker Room Leaders may recall the debacle that took place within the past few months, in which a misunderstanding occurred between Kevin and former Locker Room Leader #21, Hambino, which resulted in Ham withdrawing from the Locker Room and revealing himself as the voice behind the @TWFSLockerRoom twitter. Kevin later made it known that he was more than open to welcoming Ham back, but Ham refused to discuss the matter on air. Kevin considered speaking with him privately, but changed his mind after Ham threatened an ultimatum and tried to hang the @TWFSLockerRoom over Kevin’s head as collateral. Kevin has since decided he has no more time to waste on people who don’t fully support the discussion and the locker room and has decreased his tolerance for negativity. As a result, he has refused to initiate negotiations with Debo.

     Fans of the Life Coach may keep up hope of Debo’s return to the chat, however, as he has recently tweeted that he plans to call in during this Saturday’s live taping of TWFS 142. Stay tuned, and let’s hope that Kevin and Big Debo can set aside their differences and hug it out!




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