Battle of The BRANDS!

Written by Mama Centipede.

   In #twfs140 – “New Dad Flow” we were introduced yet again to Hardy Boyz superfan, 20-year old @georgerbrand from twitter. The first time we became acquainted with this creature was back in #twfs125 – “@Georgerbrand”, in which Kevin and Danny received a call-in from the man himself. What began as a curious examination of the Jeff Hardy-obsessed fan became a tongue-in-cheek exploration of what George would do or say next. His awkward responses and agreeable nature somehow led to him choosing to rub his phone on his dick over singing a song on the air (Hanging up would have also been a viable option if he felt too uncomfortable). The unexpected result of his call was heralded throughout the Locker Room as one of the funniest moments in TWFS history, and requests for a youtube upload of the segment were requested for weeks afterward.

   As most of us know, since Kevin quit his day job, he’s had more time to devote to youtube uploads and attend to TWFS business. The much-requested @Georgerbrand segment was finally uploaded, a couple of months after it happened. Apparently George perceived this as a second round of “Bullying” and “Humiliating” and began to incessantly comment on the video for hours after it was uploaded.

 All the while he was commenting on the youtube video, George produced two of his own videos, in which he threatens to “Blow up” Kevin and Danny, and exclaims, “I may be a retarded faggot, but this retarded faggot will fuck you up”. He also took to twitter, tweeting negative comments about TWFS and complaining to anyone who would listen that he was being “cyber-bullied” and directing them to the video.

   After having ignored George’s numerous harrassing tweets and comments, Kevin grew fed up with his behavior and delivered a tongue-in-cheek rebuttal to all the bullying accusations: “@georgerbrand It’s my mission to get you to kill yourself you fuck”. George’s pity party finally caught the attention of Matt Hardy, who posted a facebook update regarding @georgerbrand’s “cyber-bullying” situation.

   Many Locker Room leaders came to the defense of their beloved discussion, both on the facebook post and on twitter. Some reminded that George had voluntarily called in to a podcast and made a fool of himself, which would not constitute “bullying”. Others mentioned that Kevin and Danny themselves hadn’t interacted with George through social media in any negative matter, until after receiving 30+ separate comments from him alone, not to mention the various attacks they were receiving from people George had recruited under the guise that he was being “cyber-bullied”. It could be argued that George was attracting more attention to the situation than would be necessary, perhaps relishing in the attention and pity he was receiving from “BRANDS” as well as Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy’s girlfriend. He was repeatedly given the advice to block and ignore anyone who “bullied” him, but instead added fuel to the fire by further insulting TWFS and the listeners themselves. There even came to a point in which George tweeted a racist comment at Locker Room Leader #99 Big Debo, mistaking him for someone who made a comment about his mother.

   At this time, the BRAND drama has somewhat died down, partially due to George not being able to solicit more responses from Matt Hardy after it becoming apparent that he was perpetuating the conflict. I think the Locker Room itself has also become fed up with arguing over George’s delusional accusations with misinformed BRANDS and would rather return to supporting and promoting TWFS to people who can understand the humor and entertainment behind their favorite discussion.


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