Written by Pete Poison and Max Murder.

After #twfs139 (BEEP), the TWFS Locker Room was left shrouded in doubt and worry that we saw Max Murder’s final call-in. Kevin had hastily revealed a secret that Max did not want made public.

We here at http://thewholefuckingshow.com are proud to provide you with this exclusive update, written in Max Murder’s own words:

As you may have heard, on episode 139 of The Whole Fucking Show, a secret was revealed about yours truly. I need not explain more and only say go back and give it and listen. I do see the humor in the segment, episode, youtube video, and t-shirt now available on ilikewrestling.poweredbygorillapress.com and see it for what it is. I even chuckled at the reactions of Kevin & Danny in said youtube video pertaining. This will be a legendary segment in the annals of TWFS & iLikeComedy History.

I feel I need to clarify where I stand with TWFS & iLikeComedy as a whole. I am nowhere near in wanting to leave or that thought even crossing my mind. I am here to stay and support everything made by the names of Scampoli, Richardson, Van Vleet, Steel, Murphy, Sprague, Ridgeway, Walker, Spencer, & Taylor. I am here to stay and support in anyway I can as I have done since November 2011 when I discovered TWFS on youtube via the Vince Russo Game video. I’m proud of being the TWFS mascot and being able to participate in the chat, call into every live show/discussion/weekly encounter, watching the youtube videos and sharing them, & being able to listen to endless hours of the best entertainment I have ever found. I appreciate Kevin for editing the episode and appreciating me not sharing anything from this weeks TWFS pertaining to the segment on my FB and I appreciate the support I’ve received from my fellow TWFS LockerRoom and appreciating me being a tad bit silent this week. You all are a genuine group of people and as CM Punk would say “THE BEST IN THE WORLD.”

In conclusion, I love TWFS and best saturday has become a part of my life. I can always be in the chat knowing good people come in and us as a family welcome in every new listener and whoever happens to show up. I’m not bitter or angry, but rather happy based off the feedback received about this week’s episode and I’m ready for the newest episode. Anyways I gotta get back to the chat. It’s Best Saturday!!


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