Where is Hambino?!

Written by Matches Malone.

Jeffrey Hamilton, better known to the TWFS Locker Room as Da Great Hambino, has been missing from the air since his controversial fall out with Kevin Scampoli. Many of us in the community consider Ham to be more than just a fellow listener, but also a friend. Even if we didn’t have any interactions with him personally, we did unknowingly, from the @TWFSlockerroom twitter account, which he secretly maintained for many months. From retweeting every mention of TWFS, to having our backs in the fight against Goldust, that account was always there. Hambino was always there.

Now, Hambino is no longer with us.

Both Hambino and Kevin have said that they want to reconcile their differences, but they differ on how they want to accomplish that. Will these two ever be able to let bygones be bygones? On behalf of everyone in the locker room, we hope so. Come back Ham; you are missed.

To catch up on everything Da Great Hambino, including the great times and the bad, make sure to download the can’t miss collection, created by Jeffrey Hamilton himself – Great: The Anthology of Jeffrey Hamilton.


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